Into the Bible

Where do I start?

The bible has got lots of pages!  Probably the best place to start is with Mark's Gospel.  If you haven't got a bible, you can read it online at

It's a great read.  But it probably needs unpacking a bit.  That's one of the things we do at St Mark's.  Every Sunday and also in a variety of small groups in peoples homes.

Another way is to get an 'easy to read' book to help.  (I read them and I'm a minister!)  Here's one, " Mark for Everyone" by Tom Wright (who was a Bishop, so its safe!) which you can get from Amazon.  Better still, head off to Bethany Bookshop at 48 Promenade, Bridlington or The owner, Chris, is a very friendly man and he will point you in the right direction.

In short, pop along to St Mark's, join a home group, drop into the bookshop.  Make a plan to do something now.