Our Values

Our Purpose

St Mark's aims to help people to get to know God, and then grow in their calling and discipleship.

Clear, practical teaching of the bible and the ways of God. It affects us deeply, gives us passion to help all ages - the old and the young, the poor, the downtrodden, and the broken-hearted as well as those who are doing fine. This is we do such a lot in and for the comunities round here.  From babies in our Little Acorns to our Simply Soups in Matson Court to our services and pastoral care in Forestors Lodge and Bessingby Hall - and loads more too.

Our Vision
Basically, that knowing Jesus is for everybody
and like Jesus said in his famous prayer...
"Your will be done, your kingdom come...

Our Values

1. A real relationship with Jesus Christ

2. Bible Teaching

3. Joining in with church life by belonging to a congregation and a small group

4. Reality

5. The power of the Holy Spirit

6. Discipleship, training and equipping

7. Evangelism and church growth

8. Bringing God’s Kingdom

9. Meeting the needs of those in our Parish and Beyond

10. Together we worship and pray

Theres no plastic smiles here!  We are like an extended family.  Real people with a Real God.