Jenny Hensman

The following is a short statement regarding Mind the Gap's work

"Our aim is to rescue abandoned children and gives them a ‘forever’ home in a family with a mum. We have opened three such homes so far and seen such a huge difference in the children from being one of many in a large institution, to being one of ten in a family with a mummy. We have been working here since 2006 and in addittion to our childrens homes we also support vulnerable children in the community"

That was just the beginning.  The real dream was for a village dedicated to the forever home ideal. That dream is slowly becoming a reality as Harvest village is almost there.  Hopefully we will be soon be receiving children from the homes that are mentioned above.

Jenny's own description of her roles Taxi driver and general dogsbody!  Sometimes also Director!!! at  Mind the gap Africa. We as a church know Jenny works tirelessly for this charity; it is her life and that's why we support her so that the dream can become a reality.

Jenny is wearing glasses in picture.  More information as to how you can be involved will be posted later.


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