How can I get involved?

How can I get involved?

Well its easy and you are welcome!

Here are some ways...

Come and meet us


Ways of being involved

Some have a special love of very old folk and visiting the homes, some love kids, some love cooking........

Each to their own, there is something for everyone.

Volunteering is good for us.  And its a great way of sharing some of life and making friends.

All folk working in teams that serve the young or old are required to have enhanced CRB or the new DBS

Your money or your life?

We want your life really!  That's what we give to being part of this community of faith.  Doing life together.  As Jesus said "Make the kingdom of God your top priority and seek his righteousness".  Of course part of that is giving financially.  

Jesus taught his disciples by showing them what he saw folk doing...
They saw a widow giving a tiny amount and a rich person giving a tenth of all they got.  And Jesus said
"Truly, that widow gave the most, she gave everything she had to live on, the rich man gave out of his surplus".

Some in St Mark's give about £1 a week, some give over £50, s
ome in St Mark' (a common practice in growing churches) give a tenth of all they earn, and more on top - in both cases, that might be lots or little of what they have at their disposal; only God knows. Its all anonymous, nobody knows who gives what! Its between them and God.  Its voluntary, from the heart - and it all goes to God's work.  St Paul summed it up: "see to it that you excel in giving".

Many do that in a planned way, by their banks, or by cash in anonymous envelopes.
No giving is by compulsion, but with a generous heart of thanks to God, giving from what you have.

Others are able to give more by volunteering than in money.

Help us do more in and for this community.

Nobody gets rich out of your giving, it all goes back into the community one way or another.
Our accounts are held carefully in line with the Law of the Land and are audited professionally.