St Mark's 10:00 Every Sunday.  An informal service of 'morning prayer' or communion


Our aim is to experience God.
He meets us in ordinary human ways, through song, reading the bible and learning how to be shaped by The Holy Spirit, and through prayer.

We have a music group and sing new and old hymns.

Some of the congregation

Each week there is chance for testimony and to be prayed for towards the end of the service.
Most weeks after the service, people chat and pray and share drinks and biscuits or cake.

Matson Court 2pm every seciond Sunday in the month.

We meet in the lounge in Matson Court, sitting on armchairs around a low table.

We'll have a few hymns and a discussion around a bible passage, and pray.

This is for residents of Matson Court and their families, and some friends from St Mark's










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